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Twin Peaks Fall City Returns!

If you were a fan of the quirky TV drama Twin Peaks in the early 90s or if you enjoyed its follow-up movie, Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me, you will be thrilled to learn that Showtime has green-lighted a 3rd season of the campy thriller to air beginning MAY 21 at 9PM ET/PT.

This short-lived series took place in the fictional small town of Twin Peaks, WA and several nearby sites were frequently featured in the show, many of which can be visited in quick jaunts from the Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn. Check these out!

  • Snoqualmie Falls is the real name for the series’ White Falls.
  • Adjacent to the falls is the Great Northern Hotel, known by everyone around here as the Salish Lodge and Spa.
  • This combined location of natural and architectural beauty can be enjoyed within a 6-minute drive from The Roadhouse!
  • Once there, you’ll hear the roaring falls (higher than Niagara, you know!) and hike on a family-friendly trail past the visitor center and a lot of fauna and flora to what the Snoqualmie Tribe considers humanity’s place of origin.

And, if you’re a Twin Peaks follower, you will get a kick out of seeing the scene from the opening credits and the exterior of the Great Northern Hotel.

Better see these, too!

  • Faithful viewers of the show will no doubt remember the pilot episode’s moody bridge where Ronette walks after…well, we don’t want any spoilers here… This bridge has become a kind of mecca for the show’s fan-base and spans the Snoqualmie River. Its real name is the Reinig Bridge in nearby Snoqualmie, WA.
  • The Double R Diner is otherwise known as Twede’s Café in North Bend and boasts that it is “Home of Twin Peaks’ Cherry Pie”. You may want to stop by for a “damn fine cup of coffee” and channel your inner Agent Cooper or just have a sandwich and enjoy the tchotchkes and ambience of a local haunt turned tourist trap by Twin Peaks fever.
  • By far, the most intriguing and closest Twin Peaks filming location is right here: The Roadhouse itself! The first season’s barroom brawl happens in what is now a performance hall for the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, but the exterior shots are of our very own Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn!

So for any of you who are eager to jump back into the drama of Twin Peaks, why not prepare for the new season by hitting all the spots where the original series was filmed? After your tour, stop in at the Roadhouse for a delicious meal and a sense of anticipation!


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