The Perfect Summer Adventure in the Snoqualmie Valley

The Perfect Summer Adventure

Our secret is out! The Snoqualmie Valley is THE ideal place to spend a long weekend this summer!

Those of us who live in the Snoqualmie Valley are quick to brag about two things: how beautiful it is and how many fun things there are to do here.

There is no better way to spend the perfect summer weekend than to plan out, pack up, and pop over to the valley to experience just a few of the adventures awaiting every age group in your troop.

For starters, it’s always good to have a “home base” when you’re out on a big weekend adventure. Where’s the best home base in the valley? The Roadhouse Restaurant & Inn, of course! This local, historical landmark is close to everything you want to do and is the perfect complement to your weekend away.

Here’s just a taste of the fun you’ll find right in and around The Roadhouse:

  • Float the Snoqualmie River with Fall City Floating – This is a “must do” while you’re here. You’ll start right in the heart of Fall City and any stress you brought with you will be floating the other way! Find out more here: 
  • Take a tour at Treehouse Point – Remember when you were a kid and dreamed about a jumbo tree house you could actually live in? A tour at Treehouse Point will let that kid in you come alive once again! Take a look and add this adventure to your agenda: 
  • Drive Like a Pro – Discover what high performance driving is all about at DirtFish Rally School. Yes, you get to be the driver on courses that will challenge and expand your skills. Don’t miss this! 
  • You MUST visit Snoqualmie Falls. The breathtaking 270’ waterfalls are actually 10 stories higher than Niagara Falls. Besides just gazing at the falls, there’s hiking trails, room for picnics, and a store where you can find the famous Snoqualmie Falls Lodge brand goodies. See more at 
  • Twin Peaks! 25 years after season two, the third season of Twin Peaks has finally premiered! Whether you’re an old or new Twin Peaks fan, you do not want to miss seeing all of the Twin Peaks sites throughout the valley. See Laura’s Log, Ronette’s Bridge, Twede’s Cafe (gotta have cherry pie!), and right back to – you guessed it – The Roadhouse Restaurant & Inn, which served as the exterior of The Roadhouse Bar on the show. Plan your Twin Peaks adventure here:  
  • The Roadhouse provides a relaxing and casual environment where you will find something for everyone. In between all of your valley adventures, bring your kids in for a nice brunch or dinner, meet up with friends to share small plates and cocktails, or enjoy a pint in the pub while watching a sporting event. Then, top it all off by spending a few nights in our amazing guestrooms.

Won’t it be so nice to stay so close to everything that you’ll be doing while in the Snoqualmie Valley? Need to stop by your room between exploring the rivers, lakes, trails, museums, parks, special events, Twin Peaks sites, and of course, Snoqualmie Falls? No problem because we’re right here.

Since 1916, The Roadhouse has been providing great food and grand comfort to locals and travelers alike, and now it’s your turn to experience everything we have to offer.

You will love The Roadhouse so much that you’ll want to plan to spend some of your adventure time right here on the property. 

So get to the planning now and then pack up and pop over to the Snoqualmie Valley for the adventure of a lifetime.

See you at The Roadhouse!

P.S. Oh and just one more thing… This can be such a busy time of the year — graduations, weddings, vacations, you name it. So even if you’re not quite ready for a big, adventurous weekend and just need some extra room for guests, they’ll love you forever for booking them a room at the Roadhouse Restaurant & Inn.

P.P.S. The Snoqualmie Valley Chamber has great info and resources to help you plan your trip. You can discover more here:


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